Retaily Helps Sellers Reach Lost Prospects


Retaily is a dynamic retargeting service that aims to help online sellers reach visitors who have landed on their site. These visitors would have shown interest in the products or service when they were browsing the site which makes them high potential buyers. But without leaving any contact details behind, many online sellers are unable to offer these visitors a better deal based on what they were looking for AFTER they had left the site without making any purchase.

With Retaily coming in as an SaaS (service as a software), online sellers will be able to know what their visitors were interested in so that they could come up with better offers to encourage these visitors to complete the purchase. These offers will be shown to interested visitors in the form of dynamic ads.

Not all visitors will be shown the same ads as it would depend on the product or service that they were looking at. Hence online sellers will need to come up with different pricing or offers for certain products and services in order for Retaily to show to potential prospects. The entire process will be automated as visitors will be able to see the dynamic retargeted ads when they visit popular sites when browsing at news, sports, fashion or marketplace.

Why Retaily

The idea is to remind the visitor of their interest in the particular product or service to draw them back to the original site to complete the purchase. Those who have made a purchase with the site before could have a different type of ad shown to them to encourage them  to return for additional discount on other products of similar interest.

The idea of reaching lost prospects is simple. Why advertise to those who don’t know anything about your site or product? Businesses would be better off targeting visitors who have shown some form of interest about their products and these are the ones who would have spent some time browsing their site or may even have added items to the shopping cart but did not check out. Retaily would like to help merchants reach these visitors which would otherwise have been lost with no way of getting them back.

Online sellers who have their own online store could check out Retaily’s site for more information at Merchants who are currently using Shopify and InstanteStore get to use Retaily for free until the end of July 2015.

Commonwealth Towers Condo Singapore Launch No Surprise

Commonwealth Towers Singapore

The recent launch of Commonwealth Towers condo in Singapore was quite interesting. I had a look at the recent news which basically shows that the Singapore property housing market was cooling off.

Maybe it works both ways because people may have the perception that this is a really good time to buy property in Singapore.

Either that or there  are a lot of Singaporeans who are really looking for a new property to get their hands on. The recent Commonwealth Towers condo preview launch was considered quite a success.

With over 1500 people that came on the Sunday launch with tonnes of questions and ready to plonk down booking fees to own a unit or several units of the condo, the developers of the project City Developments Limited and Hong Leong are very well pleased with the response.

This shows that there is still a strong demand for new properties that are being developed in the island republic. With so many locals and foreigners that make Singapore their home, housing is always a constant need. There are also quite a number of foreign students who come to Singapore to study so they will also be on the lookout for a place to rent along with the huge number of foreigners who work here.

And with so many people looking for a place to stay, any new property launch that is located near an MRT station and within the fringes of the city center is bound to have a lot of interested property buyers who will pounce on it. Just think about it. You would rather pay a monthly home loan installment than to keep paying high rent. So in the long run, you might as well have your very own home.

And those who own property in Singapore such as Commonwealth Towers could also make a bit of side income if they choose to rent out their available rooms. Well, the side income will go towards helping them pay their home loan. That is if you don’t mind having  a bit of squeeze if you happen to be living in a 1 or 2 bedroom residential unit.

But with the cost of living being so high, it’s either you choose to stay put or move out of the island. Many who choose to live and work in Singapore would rather rent as it is very expensive to own your own property.

For more info on Commonwealth Towers, please click here

Bartley Ridge Singapore Condo For Sale

Bartley Ridge Singapore

Bartley Ridge Singapore is one of the hottest condominiums that are up for grabs now. Its central location is a plus point as many residents and property buyers have been eyeing that location for some time.

Bartley Ridge Condo will have a total of 868 residential units which comes in 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and dual key units.

The condo comes with a full list of facilities that are bound to be an attraction to many property buyers and home owners. From the fresh greenery to swimming pools and yoga pods to beautiful landscaped gardens, Bartley Ridge offers a place to be refreshed.

Located just next to the Bartley MRT station, it also offers residents the convenience of public transportation that is well connected to many popular spots such as Orchard Road, Vivo City and Marina Bay.

Nearby schools are also easily accessible within one kilometer radius along with other institutions of higher learning. Couples who are looking for a place to stay to start a family so that their kids can go to the surrounding schools should consider getting a unit in Bartley Ridge.

Apparently residents in Singapore are looking for properties that are near the city center but do not cost as much since they do not like to spend a lot of time commuting. Hence Bartley Ridge Singapore is such an ideal location for them. Coupled with the fact that there’s plenty of condominium facilities for them to utilize, this is a sure sell out.

Locals are not the only ones that are hunting for such condos. Property investors, expats and foreigners are also keen to get their hands on this type of property as they can be rented out with good returns. At the rate that Singapore’s property market keep increasing, even owning a unit will be able to bring in long term rental returns if the owner decides to rent it out. There’s plenty of foreigners and expats working in Singapore to garner such a demand.

And if the foreigners or expats don’t rent from you, am sure many foreign students who are studying in Singapore will be more than happy to rent such a nice unit since the condo comes with so many facilities that they will enjoy using.

For more information on Bartley Ridge Singapore, please visit to get more details on the property. Get your hands on a unit quick before it all sells out.

Spanish DVDs For Learning And Entertainment

Spanish DVDs – El Bola

If you’re currently bored with the selection of English-speaking movies, perhaps you could try out some Spanish DVDs for a change? Other than being able to pick up a new language, you would probably learn a whole new different culture at the same time. And learning Spanish will come in real handy any time since there’s quite a huge population of Spanish-speaking community in certain parts of the world.

Parents with children will find these Spanish DVDs very useful as they could watch them at the same time with their kids. For parents who do not know how to speak Spanish, they will find that some of the DVDs come with English translation. The key is to pick up the sound of the words while also being able to understand the meaning in English as it is displayed on the screen.

For those who are fluent in Spanish but would like to watch more Spanish movies and expose your children to the beauty of the language, there are quite a number of online sellers who offer high quality DVDs in Spanish.

The selection is quite extensive as some of these sellers will cater to people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for something for your kids, babies or adults, you are bound to find something interesting to pick up.

Spanish DVDs – Undercover Dora

From educational series to entertainment movies or soap operas, my advice to parents and singles would be to look for something that will entertain you while at the same time allow you to learn something about the language and culture. This is especially for those who are planning to pick up the language.

Don’t be discouraged if you never got the chance to lean Spanish when you were young. It’s never too late to learn.

Just remember to take it one step at a time and give yourself some space. In fact, get a few friends along and you will find out how fun and easy it is to learn Spanish while being entertained.

If you want to look for some Spanish DVDs, click here as they have an awesome collection in different categories that you could check out—spanish.cfm Have a good time trying this out!


Brazilian Portuguese Children’s Books And The Ones From Europe – Know The Differences

Samples Of Brazilian Portuguese Children's Books

My 7 year-old nephew is a showoff. Well, it could be that I’m just jealous.

The boy is a result of my brainy yet athletically gifted sister and my equally brainy and athletically gifted brother-in-law. Darwin must be very proud.

I was the musically gifted one in the family. That’s not to say I sucked at all the other subjects in school, it’s just that I was not as good as my sister. She was miles ahead. Both in the classroom and on the track.

Back to my nephew. That little dude can learn almost anything and he can do it pretty fast. He picked up a couple of languages from just watching foreign movies and TV series. I’ve that that is not uncommon but the speed at which he did it was.

So I’ve been observing how he learns. I know they say kids’ brains are like sponges but it still amazes me how some kids learn new things. Actually, learning is one thing. Having the confidence to apply what you have learned is another.

He can communicate in a few languages. The latest language he is attempting to pick up is Brazilian Portuguese. Let me tell you there’s nothing like the feeling of awe you get when a 7 year-old lectures you about a the differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese.

I have always thought that the two were the same or at least very similar to each other, like British English and American English. It appears, however, that those who speak European Portuguese can understand Brazilian Portuguese but it does not work the other way around.

There is a simple explanation for this.

You see, Brazil exports their soap operas all over the world. I remember being in Malaysia once on holiday and there was a Brazilian soap opera showing on TV, albeit a dubbed version. Nonetheless, this shows you what kind of reach these soaps have.

Anyway, the Brazilian soaps that they air in Portugal are not dubbed. After a while, viewers in Portugal got the hang of the phonologically different variant of the Portuguese language.

The differences extend to spelling, lexicon, and grammar. However, with the commencement of the Orthographic Agreement, these differences have been greatly reduced.

As usual, my sis always starts my nephew off with the basics. Although a language tutor is always recommended, my nephew seems to be doing fine without one. He picked up some Brazilian Portuguese the same way he picked up the other languages he knows – through friends at school and within the neighborhood.

Once the seed of interest was planted, his mom got him some language learning software, DVDs and Brazilian Portuguese children’s books and other reading material. All of these language material can be sourced online.

A good place to start is It’s been around for a while and the owner – Cindy – actually speaks a few languages so it’s like buying running shoes from a person who actually runs. People such as this know their stuff.

How To Apply Concrete Floor Wax So Your Floor Looks Great

Concrete Stain - Leather Brown Color

Sample Of A Beautiful Concrete Stained Floor


My wife and I found out the hard way that you a sealant is not sufficient to seal in the luster of concrete floors. You still need the help of concrete floor wax to keep your stained concrete floors looking great over the years.

Bottle Of Concrete Floor Wax

The good news is that it’s easy to apply the wax yourself and you can get concrete floor wax supplies from any good concrete stain supplier like

Applying Concrete Floor Wax
Before you start, this are the tools you will need.

  • A clean concrete floor
  • A clean micro fiber mop or lambswool wax applicator
  • A spray bottle
  • Concrete floor wax (matte or gloss)

Once you have removed all the furniture and cleaned your concrete floor, you might want to mask or tape up the intersection of the floor and wall, and any other part you do not want covered in wax.

Now comes the interesting part if you intend to use a mop instead of a wax applicator. You would think that applying wax with a mop is just a matter of mopping the wax over the surface of the sealant covered concrete but there is actually a process involved.

First, pour some wax into the spray bottle and then spray a few passes of wax over the mop. By doing this you are actually conditioning the mop. You want the mop to be damp but not soaking wet. A soaking wet mop might leave puddle. Also, use a micro fiber mop so you do not leave lint residue on the floor. This type of mop also helps you coat your concrete floor with an even layer of wax.

Wax Applicator

Wax Applicator


Next, spray the area you want to mop. You do not have to spray the whole floor at once, just a 5 to 6 foot area across would suffice. Start from the farthest part of the room to the door. That way you would not end up cornering yourself. The, when you mop, do it in a large circular motion.

Most wax brands, two initial layers of wax should do the trick. For maintenance, just mop on another layer after a year or so.

If you intend to use a wax applicator, watch this very helpful and informative instructional video.

Remember to lest the wax set for at least 24 hours before moving everything back into place.

Waxing not only makes your floors look great, it also adds a bit of grip thus making it safer to walk on. Some have labeled the wax layer as a sacrificial layer since it takes all the traffic abuse while keeping the layers below safe and looking good.

How To Stain Concrete Floors – A Quick Lesson

Stained Concrete Driveway

Plain concrete, whether it is at the garage, sunroom, basement, garden, driveway, walkway or porch is grey and is just downright boring and sometimes, unsightly. Fortunately there is something you can do to turn plain grey concrete into something so nice to look at, you would not want to even set foot on it. Okay, I may have exaggerated a tad.

This mythical process of making unsightly concrete surfaces look like natural stone or tiles is called staining. In actual fact, the term stained concrete gives the wrong idea of the process involved. You see, staining gives one the idea that there is a coat of coloring over the concrete that gives it the attractive finish. Concrete stain is actually a chemical reaction between the acid stain and the cement within the concrete mix.

How To Stain Concrete Floors
The process of concrete staining is not a difficult process. It can be done by home owners as a DIY project. Most stores which supply the necessary material for concrete staining usually offer information on how to get the job done the DIY way. Sites like provide concrete staining guide videos and blog posts with lots of useful information and advice. Mind you, these How To Stain Concrete Floors videos are available for free.

The first thing you need to do is clean the surface of the area to be stained. An organic degreaser at medium strength would be your best bet. For best results, you may need to open up the concrete surface by lightly sanding it down.

You can use mops, brushes, sprays and rollers to apply the stain. Some users say spraying affords a more even spread but I usually use a mop. However, for my next project, I’ll will be giving spraying a go.

The stain can be diluted with water, which allows for a lighter application of stain. If the mix is too diluted, no staining will occur.  If the application is applied too freely, unwanted puddling and pooling may occur and over react at area where it has pooled. Also, if scrubbing isn’t done with a natural flow and pattern, mop lines and swirl marks may appear.

It takes up to 8 hours for the chemical reaction to take place so the stain shade you see early on is not final. Refrain from walking on the concrete stain unless you want your footprints to end up permanently on your concrete. If you want to know what the end color would turn out, you would have to do some onsite testing. The color chart is only as guide as many variable can affect the outcome.

Please note that surfaces previously treated with muriatic acid or have been acid-etched cannot be stained. Any imperfections in the concrete will show through as concrete stain is not a cover-all.

The Clean Up
This process is easy. All you have to d is allow the floor to dry and clean the floor using a clean mop. Vacuum up any extra water and allow the floor to completely dry before sealing. You need to ensure that you remove the acid residue and neutralize the surface so that proper adhesion of the sealant or coating system can occur.

Sealing In The Goodness
Sealing the floor protects the concrete wear and tear as well as enhancing the color of the stain. To apply the sealer, use a paint roller. Apply a few thin coats rather than one thick coat to ensure a better bond. Reapply the sealer until you reach the desired finish. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

Foreign Language Software – Nothing To Be Intimidated About

Adibou French Language Software

The moment the word software is mentioned, many older and maybe even a few not-so-tech-savvy individuals seek solace under the nearest desk. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Take it from someone who had a bad experience with foreign language software more than a decade ago and swore never to trust language software again. Alas, never say never.

The thing is, language learning software has improved a lot since those days. I can’t believe I’m now old enough to use that term. Anyway, thanks to technology, learning language software has become the next best thing to actually having language tutor right there for you. It’s very user friendly and you can learn at your own pace without any pressure.
Berlitz German Software
Now, I doubt that software will ever replace an actual human tutor, but it does a make learning new language that much more convenient.

Language software has progressed to a point where it can analyze speech and correct intonation and pronunciation. That was the major aspect that was missing in language software from over a decade ago. This feature is especially appreciated when learning languages such as Mandarin which has 4 intonations per character.

Some come with charts to make it easy to check on progress. It’s always important to work towards a goal and these progress checks would be taken seriously. Otherwise, you’d just be wasting your time and money.

Another good thing about modern foreign language learning software is that they are available in many languages and dialects. They are also very affordable so you can carry on learning languages as long as you wish.

A good place that has a good range of all things language is WOR stands for World Of Reading and the site has been around for ages; happily providing language teachers and learners with all the necessary tools needed to learn languages. You’ll find hundreds of foreign language books, CDs, DVDs and software at this web store.

The owner is a lady named Cindy. If you’re not sure what you should get, drop her an email and she’ll sort it out for you in no time at all. Cindy herself speaks a few languages fluently so she’s definitely the right person to go to when it comes to language learning.